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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

It’s no secret that in the construction world we are facing an aging workforce, labor shortage and an overall skill shortage. At Earnhardt Grading, our approach to this challenge has been with our positive reinforcement - employee mentoring program.

When it comes to coaching our employees, you can’t get a better mentor than Marc Gilbert. He has done an outstanding job over the years demonstrating behaviors that align with our core values that cultivate with our employees. Well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

This past month, Marc Gilbert (pictured on the right) recognized Cody Gilbert (pictured on the left) with an EHS Mentorship Award for empowering employees in improving their skills in heavy equipment operating. Cody has proven time and time again that he is committed to working safe and has contributed to our overall safety performance.

We are honored to have both Marc and Cody Gilbert a part of our talented team that are contributing to the continuous improvement of the next generation of safe and skilled heavy equipment operators!

EHS Recognition Award Program

Each year we spice things up and find new ways to recognize our hard working employees. This year we are recognizing our employees with custom framed photos of them working in the field. Pictured to the right is Cody Gilbert testing out some new CAT equipment at the 2019 Demo Days hosted by Carolina CAT. Keep hustling Cody, we appreciate you!

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